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28 April 2009 @ 05:08 pm
House rules (working draft)  
I'm mostly just posting this here so I can retrieve it and print it out after class, but maybe someone will find it useful or interesting. These have been written specifically for the next few weeks, as pet will be staying with me (!!!!)

He should be here within an hour or two. Oh, the anticipation!


Empty snack containers/plates/other garbage picked up; trash and recycle should be taken out regularly. The dumpsters are back near the laundry room.

Carpet is to be swept as necessary; the static sweeper is in the hall closet.

Clean clothes go in the drawers and closet; worn clothes go in the hamper. Laundry should be taken care of on an as-needed basis.

Any stuff laying around should be organized as much as possible; if pet is not sure where something goes, he can wait to ask, but for most of it, just getting it out of the way is sufficient.

Dishes are to be washed and put away. This should be done before Master comes back from evening classes (during the week).

Also to be done before the end of evening classes: the mail is to be checked. Any new mail should be left on the kitchen table.

Any messes from the night before (snack wrappers, condom wrappers, etc) should be taken care of by the time Master is home from Italian class (during the week) or work (on weekends). The bed should be made as well.

If the apartment gets too warm or too cold, pet can adjust the thermostat/use the fan as needed to keep the place comfortable.

If something is running out in the kitchen (particularly the staples - bread, soda, etc), pet should let Master know.

Personal care

pet is expected to keep clean and well-groomed for Master.

(That being said, pet should wait to shower until Master is home, unless otherwise instructed, because Master is a scoundrel and likes to see him naked and wet.)

pet is to remain naked while home alone; he should keep a set of clothes handy, however, in case someone comes to the door. (Note: this is rare, and pet will not generally be expected to answer, but the clothes should be there as a precaution.)

pet will wear his collar at all times, and leash and other restraints as directed. pet may leash himself if he thinks this will please Master, so long as it doesn't interfere with his other duties (dinner, after-class drink, etc.)


pet is charged with lunch and dinner, unless otherwise instructed. On class days, pet should be up before Master in order to get lunch ready. Dinner will be decided on a daily basis, as class timing varies. At this time, pet should also check the day's weather (F4 key on Master's computer) and let him know before he gets ready to leave.

pet should have a drink on hand for Master when he comes home from evening classes, and should be awake and ready to greet him whenever returning from class or work unless told otherwise.

*As a note, pet should always have his cell phone on hand, as Master will call to let him know about time-specific jobs (like dinner). If the apartment phone rings while Master is out, pet does not need to answer.

pet is expected to recognize when Master is in need of a little relaxation, and offer himself accordingly. Of course, pet is always to be available at Master's request.

While pet's time alone will be generally unregulated, he in encouraged to use it well, with Master's pleasure in mind. pet is especially encouraged (this may eventually be a firm rule) to do research and personal writings that relate to his interests, his Master's interests, and the relationship of submissive and dominant.

pet may occasionally be given special assignments or tasks to take care of; these will be discussed when they happen.

General rules/permissions

Unless otherwise specified, pet may:
-Use his computer
-Watch TV & use the video game systems
-Help himself to water
-Take medicine (for headaches, etc; this is in the bathroom)
-Rest as needed (within reason; this should not interfere with his normal duties)
-Get dressed and leave the apartment, but only to fulfill tasks (laundry, garbage/recycling) or if instructed by Master.

Outside the house

pet should stay close to Master unless told otherwise.

pet is to remember at all times that he belongs to Master, and should be proud of himself for this; he has earned it. His behavior and presentation to others should reflect this.

When going out, pet will dress according to Master's direction.

When out to dinner, Master will order for both.

pet is expected, at all times, to show basic respect and deference. If he takes issue with something, he will wait to address it in private. he will hold doors, help carry things, and generally be well-mannered, as this makes his Master proud.

pet may be instructed at times to come meet Master after classes or work; in these cases the keys will be left with him. The door must be locked whenever the apartment is left for anything that takes longer than going to the laundry room.

(These rules drafted 4.28.09.)


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